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Written by Robert Meaux   
Friday, 03 July 2009 16:03

This site is intended as an aide for arcade collectors that are attempting to restore a 1978 2-player Atari Football video arcade game.

Each section offers valuable information regarding game and restoration tips I have learned over the past few years. When possible, I have included photos and diagrams from other people that are restoring their games, as well as my attempts at restoring my own game.  Links to sites that can provide artwork or hardware are also included. 

The restoration of my game took 2.5 years. (July 9, 2007 - March 7, 2010).  There are still minor touches I need to put on the game, but it is finished at last. I've added a GALLERY to show the best pictures of the game, as well as the before and after pics.

Feel free to offer suggestions for the site, or send in information on restoring the Atari Football game.  Any copyrighted material presented on these pages is the property of their respective owners.   

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