New cab is completed! Print
Written by Robert Meaux   
Thursday, 18 June 2009 20:29

Finished building the new cab!  Three days in 100+ degree heat (and the muggy Houston atmosphere!). However, the cab came out great! 

I built an entire new cab, including a new stand.   I also cut-out the hole for the coin door (which turned out to be the most difficult part). I only re-used 4 wooden pieces from the original cab (these are the black pieces in the pictures). 2 pieces are the supports for the monitor and control panels. The other 2 (very small pieces) are the supports for the glass, which the control panels bolt into.

If you ever try this, be sure to use wood glue.  The wood glue is really what's holding it together.  The screws and nails basically just hold it together until the wood glue dries.  During construction, I had to remove two pieces I made incorrectly.  I basically had to chisel them apart after the glue had 2 days to dry!