Atari Football: Artwork
Control Panel artwork: here, available at Phoenix Arcade
Play Select Board artwork: not available
Side Wood-Grain Vinylhere, from MBA-Worldwide
Side Morocco-Style Black Vinyl: available from Quarter-Arcade
Side art (Football Player)here, vectorized by Jeff Rothe, soon to be available from This Old Game
Coin Door inserthere, available from This Old Game
Monitor Bezel: not available
Monitor glass artwork: not available
Atari Football: Video Links
Video of guys playing 4-player Atari Football
Atari Football: Restoration Sites
Atari Football Restoration site (this site)
Arcade Rehab's Atari Football Restoration
Hyperspace Arcade's Atari Football restoration
Tony's Arcade: Atari Football
Atari Football: Pictures
John Port's Pictures (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Pinball Rebel's pictures
Troy Akey's NIB Atari Football (from Rotheblog)
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Parts & Supplies

Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply: a place to buy carriage bolts in Black Oxied

Fastenal: a place to buy Button Head Socket Screws in Black Oxide
Mike's Arcade: lots of miscellaneous arcade game parts
Quarter Arcade: lots of miscellaneous arcade game parts
RAM Controls: reproduction of early Atari game parts (OUTSTANDING quality!). Unfortunately, they are no longer in business.
The Real Bob Roberts: lots of hard to find arcade game parts

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