Atari Football Registry
A database registry of Atari Football games still in existence. 

Atari Football Registry (2-player version)

3812nonenoneRobert MeauxHouston, Texas, USA board only 
5133 46114611Kenny ThomasAtlanta, GA, USA3 (Good) 
5178none5242Robert MeauxHouston, TX, USAbeing restored 
54595459 5459 M DeWayne CokerRoseville, CA, USAvery good


9044none9044Mitchell Orman Westminster, CA USAgood 
Submitting your game to the Register
To submit your game for inclusion in the Atari Football Registry, you must submit an email with the following:
a) Your name, city, and state (or country if outside the United States)
b) email address (this will NOT be published on the site)
c) Serial number from (1) the PCB board, (2) the monitor chassis, and (3) the Atari Sticker on the cabinet
d) General condition of the game (1-Poor, 2-Fair, 3-Good, 4-Very Good, 5-Excellent)
e) Pictures of the following:
    (Pic01) picture of the coin door side of the game, (Pic02) pic of the other side of the game,
    (Pic03) picture of the control panels, (Pic04) picture of the monitor & bezel area,
    (Pic05) picture of the serial number on the PCB, (Pic06) picture of the serial # on the monitor chassis,
    (Pic07) picture of the serial number on the Atari Sticker outside the cab
    (You can submit more pictures if you wish)

Serial Number location on PCB:


Serial Number on Monitor Chassis location (as seen through the Service Door):