In pursuit of Artwork

I've been working on trying to get ALL of the artwork for the game reproduced.  This would be a great resource for people trying to restore their games.

I talked with Rich at This Old Game.  He told me he had to push back the production date for the Side Art, but that it should be out sometime in August.  Phoenix Arcade already makes the Control Panel Overlay (and it's GREAT!).
That still leaves: (1) The Coin Door Price Insert, (2) the Monitor Bezel, (3) The Monitor Glass Artwork, (4) The Play-Select artwork on plastic, and the (5) Wood-grain siding.
I talked to Rich about this.  He thinks he has the Coin Door Price insert (he's looking for it).  He also thinks he still has the Play-Select Artwork for the updated ROMS with the punt option. (I've already made some contacts about getting those ROMS first).  He ALSO mentioned he starting to work on the Monitor Bezel.  I talked with him about the Monitor Glass Artwork (which is silkscreened onto the bottom of the glass).  I sent him detailed pictures so he can see the issues involved.
As far as the wood-grain siding, there just isn't a 100% solution for this.  You have two choices (a) vinyl sticker, or (b) laminate.  I've looked through all of the stickers, and have decided to do mine with a sticker from mila-naturel.  It's the closest in color I can find (although still not dark enough), but lacks the over-detail of the original grain image, and lacks the grain feel of the original. I still feel that it will make the game look exceptionally good, plus I can always peel it off later if someone starts producing something better.
I've also went through all of the laminate samples I've order.  Vintage Rosewood from Laminart is much closer in color, and a better match for the grain (although, still no close enough).  It also lacks the feel, even without the gloss finish.  The one drawback is that the shades of the color change among the various samples I've received from the same company on the same product.  If you decide to use laminate, I recommend that one (Vintage Rosewood from Lamin-Art).