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Written by Robert Meaux   
Monday, 09 July 2007 12:30
I purchased an old Atari Football video arcade game. I bought it from another arcade game collector in Tyler, Texas.  It was listed in a Craiglist sale.

We went up in my van (4 hour drive there), loaded it up, and returned home (4 hour drive home). I paid $10 for the game. It would not power up, and the body was not in great shape, but it seemed to have all (or at least most) of the parts.

The serial number on the body is 5242. The serial number on the PCB is 3812.

The body has obviously suffered a lot of water damage. The base is literally disintegrating. Everytime the game moves, it leaves a trail of wood flowing from the base. The top part of the game is "swelling" from water damage. My goal is to restore the electronics in the game, then eventually the body. 

This is my first arcade game resotration project. I'm doing this for the experience, as well as the senjoyment of a "hands-on" project. I already figure at this point it's going to be more expensive than simply buying another one in better condition.

Here are pictures of the game from when I got it home

Click on a picture to enlarge it (each one opens up in a new window):




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