the PCB

The Printed Circuit Board 

(the brain of the game)


The PCB is the game itself. It is the most crucial part of the game, and the one part that's the most irreplaceable.

I prefer leaving a problem board to people who are better at such things.  Many sites on the net advertise work on these boards.

Elektronforge comes highly recommended.

Tony (from Tony's arcade), who is better at these boards than I am, replaced some parts on his.  I did the same and the game works great.

Tony's list of replaced parts are (from Tony' blog)

+5V Regulator Circuit

LM323 or LM323K (TO-3 Package) +5V Regulator — Don’t forget the mica insulators and thermal paste!
R37 – 4 Ohm, 10W Wirewound Resistor
C23 – 470uF 25V Axial Capacitor

+12V Regulator Circuit
LM7812CV – +12V Regulator
CR1, CR2 – 1N4001 Diode
C50 – 10uF 25V Axial Capacitor
C62 – 4700uF 25V Axial Capacitor

All of these parts are available from Bob Roberts.

Any one with more experience with the PCB is welcome to send me an email on better techniques to share.